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PC Virus Detection & Protection

We Will Clean Your PC & Secure It For Future Use

It’s Just Not Worth The Risk

Stop Gambling With The Important Data That Is On Your Computer


Your Personal Information

Family Photos/Videos, Insurance Documents, Program Files, Etc.


Your Business Files

If you rely on your computer to get through the work day, losing access to it could present a major problem.


Your Clients' Data

Your clients expect that their information is safe & secure with you now and in the future. Don’t let them down.

Fortunately, We Have A Great Solution That Is Fast, Easy & Affordable.

We Can Remotely Clean, Secure & Protect Your PC In Under An Hour.

Our Irvine, CA Based Techs Are Qualified & Ready To Help


Convenient & Hassle Free


Detect & Clean


Protect & Secure


Verify & Certify

Single PC - $75

Secure & Certify your primary PC in less than an hour.

3-Pack - $70/each

Clean & Protect the same PC multiple times or use on different machines.

10-Pack - $65/each

Buy in bulk and save. Great option for offices and sales teams.

Great service. All around great people who have excellent track records as IT professionals. Work great with people who have no idea how things work!

Donovan Farmer / Nekter Juice Bar

Their knowledge and grasp of appropriate, tailored, business solutions and cloud computing are second to none. Their creativity, fast thinking and people skills complete the picture.

Gabe Grifoni / CEO & Founder - Rufus Labs, LLC

The OC Tech Experts will help small and large business owners keep ahead of the technology curve and ride the wave of continuous change rather than be engulfed by it.

Julie Schnieders / Keller Williams