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Remote Assistance w/ Chat

$75/hour (1 Hour Minimum.)

If we determine that your issue cannot be resolved remotely, you will not be billed.

Use this form to request remote assistance.

After Requesting Assistance, Please See Instructions Below:

Name (Required):
Email (Required):

If you experience any delay in being connected, please call (949) 981-2499.


Once you Request Remote Assistance above a file will begin downloading to your computer.

-Windows Users will receive ‘Support-LogMeInRescue.exe’

-Mac Users will receive ‘LMIRescue.pkg.zip’

This program must be Run in order to establish a connection between computers. If you are not presented with an option to Run the program, simply locating it on your computer and double-clicking the icon should initiate the connection.

This is typically a painless process, but if you have any trouble, please call (949) 981-2499 or email us at [email protected]